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Robert Bowen Studio seeks collaborative freelance projects. Emphasizing a professional design sensibility, we offer sophisticated technical knowledge coupled with significant production experience in a large variety of computer graphics toolsets. As a pioneer in digital photo retouching, compositing, CGI and other visual effects (first in TV commercials and feature films and then for print advertising) Robert Bowen Studio offers a range of sophisticated moving image design solutions addressing imaging needs across a variety of disciplines including advertising, visual effects, scientific imaging, and architectural visualization. Our expertise also includes a history of directly collaborating with computer vision scientists in order to create demonstration content for new software products. One such example is our recent project with Tandent Vision Science for which we created visual imagery to promote their Lightbrush image editing preprocessor.

Expertise includes:

• Retouching, compositing & visual effects for print applications
• 2D/3D computer graphics for animation and high resolution still imagery.
• New types of post-build architectural visualization based on photogrammetry/image-based modeling
• Futuristic computational photography & video techniques
• Stereoscopic 3D applications
• Video editing
• Green screen matte extraction techniques
• Time-lapse/stop and still motion animation techniques
• Multi-image panorama creation, assembly, and animation, coupled with immersive online viewing solutions.
• Motion graphics workflows (experience with frame rates, retiming, CODECS, and transcoding) necessary for working with disparate media formats.
• Video stabilization and deflicker filtering (for general problem solving and archival media restoration)
• 3D camera mapping
• Photo mosaic effects
• Scientific imaging
• Unique text-based visualizations
• Experience working with HDRI and 32-bit float processing pipelines
• Time displacement (AKA slit scan) video techniques using Processing workflows

In addition to the above production capabilities, Robert Bowen is also available for consulting, lectures, seminars, panels, and workshops, he is a long-term Faculty member at School of Visual Arts (NYC) in both MFA Photo/Video and also MFA Computer Art.

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